No matter where you’re thinking of hosting your wedding, here are 5 questions to ask when booking a wedding venue to help you feel totally prepared in your wedding planning process.

It’s always helpful to have a big picture overview of what the payment and planning process will look like - especially when couples are booking with multiple wedding vendors and are trying to pull everything together without a hired coordinator. 

As the event coordinator at the Braham Event Center, I enjoy working with a variety of couples, all with a different approach to their wedding day activities. I have found that there tends to be a general timeline that most will follow, allowing for some variation between couples. In this post, you can read through a sample timeline and take advantage of helpful feedback from past couples at the center. 

How do you know you're getting the full picture with wedding venue services and potential add-ons? I will share some great questions to ask during your venue search or even after signing on.

At the Braham Event Center, one of my favorite conversations is about décor! I love sharing photos from past weddings as examples to new couples. Our banquet hall is a classic, neutral color, and it is so fun to see what each couple brings in. The question is, should you buy, rent or make your own decor?

All venue coordinators have favorite vendors that they like to work with. And chances are, those favorite vendors are familiar with the space and know what works best in terms of lighting and other logistics. You may have your preferred vendors and that’s great. At the Braham Event Center, I love getting to work with new wedding pros that I have yet to meet, but if couples ask for suggestions, I am always ready with the vendors that I know can make things a breeze, and that consistently deliver a great experience for couples at our venue. For a list of my favorite vendors, see below!

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